Mobility insurance platform for the 21st century

Bridging the gap between mobility brands with customer access and underwriting capacity


Germany’s first fully digital pay-per-mile car insurance. Customers only pay when they drive + a small base fee starting at 5€ per month. It was developed with two large insurance partners: Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG & General Reinsurance AG. EMIL is the first product successfully launched through EIS.

The EMIL Insurance Suite (EIS) is an operating system for insurances. It allows insurances and brands to launch, easily operate and profitabily sell innovative (white label) insurance products despite their existing legacy structures. EIS handles all operational processes with the highest degree of automation possible.

EMIL Intelligence (E_INT) is an EU-funded claims prediction and risk selection model based on artificial intelligence. Deep learning as well as classic analysis methods are combined in a model-stacking framework to receive most accurate predictions. This is an industry novelty (globally).


Founded in 2016 in Berlin, EMIL Group is a global mobility insurance platform for the 21st century. Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, insurance and technology experts as well as future-oriented data scientists.
The company is backed by renown investors and industry experts alike. We are on our way to revolutionize a €100bn+ market for good.

our Vision

Becoming the backbone for (mobility) insurance of tomorrow in Europe an beyond.


“Wenn das Auto in der Garage steht, klingelt das digitale Sparschwein.”

Frankfurt Allgemein, 24th October 2018

Berlin’s Emil launches pay-per-mile car insurance.

TechCrunch, 22th October 2018

“Kunden zahlen nur für die tatsächlich gefahrenen Kilometer.“

WELT 24, 25th November 2018

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